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Default YARALD - "Yet Another Rainbow Lock of DEATH" slack9.1 + 2.6.0 + 4460

from the topic i think you can guess what the problem is

what i have:
- amd 1300, 512 ram, geforce2 mx400 64ram

what i did tryed:
- patching 44.60 drivers against zander ( work
- compiling with nvidia/kbuild makefile
- enabling NvAgp 1

what i get:
- a rainbow lock when i startX

where im right now:
- i deicide to went back to 2.4.23 + nvidia drivers 4460 with zander patch

what i want with this thead:
- hear from others experience
- wonder if this YARALD happens to more ppl
- wonder if its more, a case of "its a my problem"

thanks for any feedback
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