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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

I have literally "seen it all" on the tech forums now. I thought it was sad when people would post "Card X uses less electricity!" when electricity averages around a dime a KWh in the US. I thought it was pathetic when people said "Card Y costs company Z less money to build!"

To see "Well these new cpus are slower than the old ones, much slower than the competition, use more juice, run hotter, cost more, have a cache bug, but guess what? If you run secret patch X it helps a little, and disabling half the cores helps a little more, so then you only have a CPU that is slower than the competition, runs hotter, costs more, uses more juice!" thrown out there as a "logical argument" is beyond comprehension.

The only people on the planet who should buy Bulldozer CPUs have relatives working at AMD. The rest of us should stay far, far away.

I guess I'm not familiar with the server market, but these things wouldn't be my first choice. Businesses need proven tech, not cache bugs, patches, and disabled cores. I don't think the IT dept where I work would even consider something like this.
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