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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
I have literally "seen it all" on the tech forums now. I thought it was sad when people would post "Card X uses less electricity!" when electricity averages around a dime a KWh in the US. I thought it was pathetic when people said "Card Y costs company Z less money to build!"

To see "Well these new cpus are slower than the old ones, much slower than the competition, use more juice, run hotter, cost more, have a cache bug, but guess what? If you run secret patch X it helps a little, and disabling half the cores helps a little more, so then you only have a CPU that is slower than the competition, runs hotter, costs more, uses more juice!" thrown out there as a "logical argument" is beyond comprehension.

The only people on the planet who should buy Bulldozer CPUs have relatives working at AMD. The rest of us should stay far, far away.

I guess I'm not familiar with the server market, but these things wouldn't be my first choice. Businesses need proven tech, not cache bugs, patches, and disabled cores. I don't think the IT dept where I work would even consider something like this.
No, you have "done it all".

Bulldozer is not "actually" an octacore CPU, it's 4 cores with 2 modules each core. Which can provide 80% of computations of 8 cores.

If you will actually READ what people are doing. It's not about being slower, hotter, cost more, cache bug, etc. It's about troubleshooting. Everyone and their grandma has admitted it's inferior, but are trying to make it at least compete. WHY? Because some people want competition, they don't want to go buy an Intel singe core processor for $1500, then a $700 mobo.

I never said I was buying a bulldozer, but I am happy people are pitching in to help. But I ask you one question. If the only people who should buy Bulldozer are the employees' relatives...WHY is it there are no FX-8150s in stock in most places you look? To suck so bad, they sure are selling like hotcakes w/free syrup.

Here, go learn something:
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