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Default Re: Why won't nvidia driver "see" geforce 8400 gs pci card?

Originally Posted by rbonafied View Post

I just purchased a geforce 8400 gs pci card. I installed the card and the nouveau driver found it. I then installed the latest NVidia driver and it's unable to detect the screen. By the way, the card is connected to a tv using the VGA connection.

The card is a Sparkle SF-PC84GS512U2LP.

I'm attaching the bug report file. I should also add the computer (running Mageia 1), has a motherboard based video card that the Bios doesn't let me disable, however, the nouveau driver got around that just fine. - just for reference.

Thanks for your help!
In your xorg.conf under Device add

BusID "PCI:2:0:0"

and see if it works
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