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Default Re: Forza Motorsport 4

I really want to play this game.

i bought it, and it sat there while i was too busy to play it. Then one day - i had an hour free, the wife wasn't watching TV, life was good. I thought to myself "i'm going to play forza 4!". I turned on the xbox, and put it in the drive - excitement brewing. Then "this disc is unreadable, FK YOU BUDDY". I spent the next hour trying to get the damn thing to read discs. It detected it once and i got as far as the intro. This is the third time the DVD drive on this xbox has gone.

so now my forza 4 is sitting there, silently wondering why i dont play it. While my piece of fkn sh!t xbox laughs at me while i try not to smash it into a million bits with a hammer.
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