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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
My guess is 8150s are in relatively short supply, so they're selling out quickly. We've seen mention of yield problems many times in regard to this chip, makes sense the highest clocked part would be in shortest supply.

I don't think the sun will rise on a 8150 dominated desktop landscape next week, more like a few thousand AMD die hards bought them because they're pretty cheap and they want to support competition.

Even if they were "selling like hotcakes" this sort of argument is known as an "appeal to the masses" in the logical fallacies. Lots of people watch Rosie O'Donnell, doesn't mean she's good.

So you're proposing people buy these chips so they can "look for workarounds as enthusiasts", and because AMD wanted to create some kind of hyperthreading?

Why shouldn't people just buy the higher performing chips that run cooler, OC better, have hyperthreading that is time tested, need no work arounds?

AMD needs to produce chips that compete, not have people buy worse products because they want competition. ATi proves year in, year out that competitive chips can be made.
Now go read the links. I didn't "propose" anything, I didn't even recommend them, I just posted a link as to why they are slow. You are the one flapping your gums speculating and taking things out of context.

People are buying the FX-8150 for server applications, and heavy multi-threads. People are compiling code, ripping dvds, web browsing, and listening to music, with no slow down. It's the single threads they are slow at (aka games).
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