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Default Re: High CPU issues on xorg-server-core 1.11.1-1 on Debian

Originally Posted by Poldo Sbaffini View Post
just another data point: the problems i reported in my previous post were encountered while i was using compiz; now i'm using another (non compositing) window manager and afaict everything is ok


Addendum 2011-09-30

i have installed the latest driver in the variuos driver series( 175, 180, 185), and i've verified that ALL the drivers give severely under par performance if used with compiz, while under twm the performance of ALL the drivers is OK
Corrige 2011-10-17

as this is one of the first posts in the thread, i want to correct myself so that we can limit confusion and misunderstandings.

it's not compiz or compositing. per se, that slows down X.
some apps slow down X significantly even under twm.
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