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Default Re: High CPU issues on xorg-server-core 1.11.1-1 on Debian

Originally Posted by cthulhu View Post
Perhaps you should consider looking into Ubuntu (or one of the variants, depending on your window manager preference). It's based on Debian, but slightly more user friendly and more up-to-date.

In the future, please keep the user/distrobution specific support in separate threads. A lot of people may be interested in the developments regarding the actual bug, but completely uninterested in how to install unsupported packages in Debian.

I have tried Ubuntu in the past (five years ago?), but upgrading majorly failed badly with its dist-upgrade that caused my reboot to fail to boot up the upgraded Ubuntu. At least with Debian, I didn't have to do that but just do parts by parts by doing daily upgrades and I can avoid upgrading other things. I will post in new threads for future discussions.
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