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Default Would we get GLX_EXT_swap_control_tear brother for WGL_EXT_swap_control_tear?

Cheers to nVIDIA linux team.

My question is as simple as SUBJ states: would we - linux users - get support for extension GLX_EXT_swap_control_tear that would behave just like WGL_EXT_swap_control_tear extension available on Windows since 280.15 beta drivers?

This extension is needed to comfortably play RAGE with vsync turned on and it is the extension John Carmack had been talking about at QuakeCon 2011. Currently RAGE runs exceptionally well under Wine (as of version 1.3.30 - Wine is a moving target and you never know what would regress in the next release) but vsync issue is a bit annoying. Currently one had to choose what is more comfortable for him or her: to have clearly visible tear line across the screen setting vsync off (RAGE limits max FPS to 60 to have in-game "time" run with a required speed which makes tear line exceptionally noticeable) or to have 60-30-60-30-60 FPS stutters here and there when RAGE fails to hit vsync frame swap timeframe.

P.S. Sure, it would also be needed to add WGL->GLX translation for this extension into Wine but first of all it should be available in drivers to start with.

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