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Default Re: Does NVIDIA care about Linux on the desktop?

Its not only NVIDIA's fault. I could imagine that its definetly hard to always have to catch up with changing ABIs and kernel features/behaviour everywhere. Linux doesn't make it quite easy for vendors to provide binary only drivers, which will work longer than just say 5 kernel versions.
One might start the usual "then open the source of the driver and all problems are gone" war, but I can really understand that this is contrary the interests and could very well damage the business of vendors. Hardware is so much different than software in that respect. In the software market one could still survive with providing commercial support, but with hardware its not that simple.. you tell your secret and your business base is gone, simple as that.

NVIDIA drivers replace a good chunk of the xserver with a reason, because its otherwise unbearable to always have to catch up.

What we would need to have vendors in general step up and write drivers, is a stable ABI, but I really doubt that will ever happen.
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