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Default Re: Does NVIDIA care about Linux on the desktop?

Originally Posted by Q View Post
I ask because of the types of issues I see going around in this forum and elsewhere on the web. I'm not trying to pick a fight - I would just like some opinions. With desktops being wedged out of the consumer segment of the computing environment by phones, tablets, etc, does NVIDIA have a vested interest in providing graphics driver support for a fringe segment of the PC population with the overall industry heading in a different direction all together?
Desktops are not being wedged out. Desktops make up the vast majority and it's going to stay that way for a very long time. Don't think that because iPads and tablets are "in" right now that they are somehow going to kill the desktop. Granted they're convenient but they've got a long long way to go before they're a formidable desktop adversary.
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