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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Originally Posted by Albo View Post
The heck? I saw your post, and I was thinking there is NO WAY DD got this phone as well.. I guess I was wrong. You've gone through 3 phones in like 6 months. How do you do it? Do you buy each phone at full price ($600) or so?

You really like it? Gawd damn it. There's an even newer phone being announced officially today by samsung, the Samsung Nexus. It's almost exactly like the S2, except a 4.7 in screen, 1.5 CPU thingamagic.. and other goodies. But people say its not as fast as the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy S2, but those stats might be fakes.

Announcement is in a few hours.

Maybe you'll get the Nexus as well DD.
can't get the nexus because that's with verizon. The phones I get are strictly through AT&T. And as for the number of phones....I have connections.

Seriously, I had insurance on a few phones and unfortunately, I dropped a couple and they were replaced.
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