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Default Re: snb-e now coming mid to late nov. 2011

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
PCIe 3.0 will double the bandwidth per lane compared to 2.x.

For this platform, it would have allowed for a lot of highend and flexible (from a manufacturers point of view) PCIe layouts but from a Multi-GPU setup perspective it's not that important because there are already so many lanes available.

PCIe 3.0 will be killer for the smaller platform next year though! Those CPUs will offer less lanes so the new bandwidth will come in very handy for Multi-GPU systems. There won't be a need for third party chips like on most highend P67/Z68 boards anymore. The CPU will provide enough bandwidth per GPU, even for Tri-SLI setups

Right now, the only two major features remaining are the Quad Channel memory interface and the huge cache. 6 Cores with HT is nothing new.
Ok gotcha. That will be nice to eliminate third party chips for PCIe. But I disagree, 6 cores with HT is new for the consumer market. Only EE and high end chips had this before, which are generally too expensive for the majority of people.
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