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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
For now, there is no point in releasing Siri on the iPad. Most of it's features are for mobile phones on the go. For example when your phone is in your pocket and you just talk to it, for texting or taking calls.
The iPad is something you use at home, the need for voice control is limited right now.
Maybe later when productivity tasks will be more of a topic. Like dictating a text in Pages or stuff like that.

Sure some Apple doubters are coming up with reasons why it's only available on the 4S but I don't think money is the reason. Performance might me too sluggish on older hardware and the iPad doesn't yet go well with the commands or Siri's current typical usage method.
I would really like to see a performance comparison between the two iPhone generations. And also I'd like to know what gets send back to the servers. I haven't looked for it online but that would be really interesting. Stuff like this is very, very demanding. If some of the voice recognition happens locally, then I can completely understand why it's only supported on the fastest hardware right now.

The blocking of request from other, non official devices is logical. You don't support something that is not official and just hacked by some guy.

However, I can also understand the money reason. A lot of companies are working like this. When Mercedes releases a groundbreaking new feature, they'll start offering it in the S Class first.
But I don't think finding the reason for the 4S exclusivity is that easy in this case.
My understanding is that the majority of the Siri features (i.e. interpretation) are run on Apple's servers. Then the interpreted message is sent back to the phone for events to be stored locally. So naturally they can only accommodate so many people, and adding support for iPhone 4 would require substantial hardware upgrades on their side. My gripe was mainly that they can barely accommodate the current 4S users, which I thought was pathetic.

Now I could be wrong, and the majority of the interpretation could be done on the phone, in which case I guess I can understand why it's 4S exclusive, but honestly the iPhone 4 isn't that much slower. Besides it's been demonstrated that Siri runs fine on iPhone 4, so I doubt that's the case.

It's the same as my complaint about DICE when they released BC2 but were surprised when their servers were overwhelmed lol.
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