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Default Re: Regression in "KB:The Legend" when run under Wine with drivers v.285.05.09

Originally Posted by Dizzle7677 View Post
Direct3D/OffscreenRenderMode is set to 'fbo' {Frame Buffer Object} by default for a reason.

Also there's the new Direct3D key in w.i.n.e v1.3.30 called 'AlwaysOffscreen' which helps some games with graphical errors { mainly Dues Ex:HR } because as it states 'the main effect that it has is avoiding the depth buffer copy between offscreen and onscreen targets, which introduces fallbacks in some drivers and exposes bugs in others. There may be a performance hit depending on the specific driver.'
Thank you Captain. I'm well aware not only about the reasons behind orm being set to fbo by default, but also about what does "fbo" mean, how does it differ from "backbuffer" and about the actual render paths used when rendering in each of those modes. Having fbo be the default choice (just because it is faster on the current generation hardware and allows more complicated things to be done easily) isn't an excuse for broken rendering orm=backbuffer mode. Make it simple: if the same code had been working with earlier version of drivers and don't work with fresh one - who is most probably to be blamed for it? This report is about the bug that needs to be fixed and not the invitation to the discussion about the valid reasons to use backbuffer as a target for offscreen rendering tasks.

I'm also well aware about "AlwaysOffscreen" registry setting that had been added to wine by commit 620c81dc. First Wine release to support this setting was 1.3.27 and not 1.3.30 you had mentioned in your post. As you had cleverly quoted, this setting had been added to workaround bugs and/or fallbacks penalties caused by some buggy drivers. Our goal is to have bug-free driver because it's simply better than to stick with workarounds while using buggy ones. Having "KB: The Legend" under Wine working bugs-free with 280.13 and render incorrectly with 285.05.09 is a very-very good sign of a possible regression in drivers.

So, thanks once again for informing me on the things that every experienced Wine user knows, but have you anything to post on topic? Reproducing these bugs on your rig would be helpful. Posting reports about similar render errors in other apps (especially in native linux apps) that had been introduced with 285.05.09 drivers would have even more value. Anything else unrelated is merely off-topic.

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