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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Greg View Post
Just finished after ~16hrs. My question for you: Is there any exploration in the game? Any reason to drive around or walk around other than the missions and side quests, of which I've completed all that I know? I think I visited all locations in the game world via some kind of quest, most twice.
I guess it's all about entertaining your self. I had a lot of fun just driving/walking around inspecting the textures, setting up screen shots, and enjoying the artwork of it all. There's a number of items you can find by going to all the out of the way corners of the wasteland, but other than that it's mostly about enjoying the game world in your own way.

When I was a kid I would get totally lost into some side scroller NES game like Little Nemo, playing the part of Little Nemo or whatever. These days its not the same, but if I can, I still like to draw my self into the the game world, slowly exploring a foriegn place, sneaking around corners, etc, and in general playing the part of my character.
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