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Default Re: Nvidia 9600GT: Xorg process and high CPU usage

Originally Posted by jonb87 View Post
OK, I've been running for a few days now without running okular (using foxit reader instead).
And memory use (and so performance) have been just fine.
Memory use by Xorg has not wavered by more than a few Mbytes - whereas previously it jumped by 100's MBytes!

So I don't know whether it is okular per se that is defective, or whether okular simply uses some xorg/nvidea call/feature that exposes the defect.
Anyway, using foxit reader instead of okular has made my desktop usable and reliable once again!
This only appears ok statistically, but so far so good. I shall post every week or so to reconfirm. If I have time, I'll start using okular again to recheck that that still fails.
I may have spoken too soon! I just opened a pptx document sent to me, and Xorg memory consumption jumped by 300MBytes. So it's certainly not just okular that exposes this defect.
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