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Originally Posted by frenchy2k1 View Post
ratings look reasonable.

Can you make sure each graphic card is on its own 12V rail? The rail (12V1, 12V2,...) should be printed either in the manual or optimally on the PCIe connector.

Otherwise, it could be either of the 9800GTX. If you do not encounter any problem outside of Furmark, I would just recommend to forget about it and just enjoy your setup.
hi again ive got each graphics card on there own 12V rail
but as ive only got 2 PCIE connectors on the psu ive had to use the 4Pin molex connectors as well but as none of my devices use them that should be ok i would think ?

i could be wrong here
but i am looking at a corsair 850watt psu as a replacement
so fingers crossed its just that

i tried with the OCC on my original mobo and it works flawless my psu didnt turn off either
but now with this new mobo the 780i one
it cant handle it
so maybe its the psu thats at fault
but like u said if its ok otherwise i shouldnt worry
and to be honest i aint worried i just dont want this PSU to go out and take all my hardware with it as well
so replaceing it is on my top priority
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