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Default Re: Wine + VSync forced in nvidia-settings doesn't work

Nope, unfortunately it is still not fixed.

If you can't replicate the issue,
* just download and unpack this little d3d demo:
* Force vsync in nvidia-settings
* disable compositing
* run it with wine (tested under 1.3.30 + nvidia drivers 285.05.09)

Observe that:
* fps are not multiple of the current refresh rate (but this can be caused by wrong calculations)
* occasional tearing appears (use the mouse to drag the image and pan faster to make it more evident)

BEWARE that if you run it in fullscreenmode it switch vsync on.

In the window from file/config display menu, there are choices about vsync, they are:
d3d_PresentInterval_immediate, d3d_PresentInterval_one, d3d_PresentInterval_default.
As stated here:

Setting *_one or *_default lead to the rendering synced to the display resolution, but choosing d3d_PresentInterval_immediate lead to display being unsynced, and there is nothing which can be done; nvidia-settings is unable to force vsync in that case.
Using an older wine version (i used 1.1.44) works (nvidia-settings is able to force vsync in all of the three cases),
This is exactly the issue we're discussing.

(PS: as expected, thesims3, which won't let you configure any vsync and leave it off, still tears with latest wine, while is ok with olders).
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