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Default Re: iPhone 4S reviews

I returned my Galaxy SII for the 4s, small minor issues with android turned me off from the phone with my everyday needs also finding a headset to work was one of the main thngs, i blame samsung for this im not a huge fan of bluetooth headsets which seemed to be the only ones with fuctional buttons, but pressing play makes android play 2 different media apps? one with my music the other with podcasts. Also If I took a picture while music was playing it would stop the music, couldnt turn shutter sound off. I also had several apps force closing on me, including text messaging until I rebooted my phone or cleared the ram. I went to forums and such but in all honestly I just didnt have the time and didnt feel like I need to put in effort to to fix things that should just work out the box. It all just became annoying so I just went back to iphone and all is well.
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