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Default Re: Wine + VSync forced in nvidia-settings doesn't work

Originally Posted by kokoko3k View Post
Take a job at nvidia linux department

That is just the application changing the presentation mode.
Yeah, I figured out this fact moments after posting my third post to this thread. Forcing app to use D3DPRESENT_INTERVAL_IMMEDIATE in fullscreen mode also turns vsync off, just like it turns it off in windowed mode. ATM I'm working on implementing simple testcase (using OpenGL/freeglut/freetype) which can be compiled into native binary so it would be easier for nVIDIA devteam to reproduce the bug without having to install Wine. Would post it here as soon as it would gain working shape.

As for the joke about the job - I'm afraid I'm living a bit far from Taiwan or USA to apply for work position in nVIDIA linux devteam department :-). Also I'm almost inexperienced with linux kernel driver development (had hacked several things here-and-there while been debugging ar71xx ethernet driver bugs in OpenWRT but that doesn't counts) so hiring me wouldn't be a good idea for nVIDIA ;-).
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