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Try, on the LILO menu, highlighting your Linux entry (so that below the menu, it fills the prompt in with whatever you called the entry), then typing a space and a 3. This will make Linux boot to runlevel 3, which is command-line only. At that point, you can edit /etc/inittab, and change the :id:5:initdefault line to :id:3:initdefault. Runlevels are documented pretty well in that file, also.

Now you'll come up in text mode on every boot, so you can try other options to fix X. (Actually, I should probably tell you that I'm fairly sure that X is what's giving you problems. I'm not positive, but I'll go on that assumption anyway, because it's easy enough to check: ) Just do a startx to try to load up X, and if it doesn't lock, then boot that way. Although I'm pretty sure it still will lock up.

You do have the nForce drivers installed, correct? Is the "integrated graphics" chip on that motherboard an nVidia chip? If so, you might need to install the nVidia graphics drivers as well -- even Mandrake 9 does not come with either of those (the nForce or graphics drivers). No distro that I know of does.

Edit: or maybe your problem is the same as this guy's -- that seems more likely to me:
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