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Default Re: MaLDoHD's High resolution Texture Pack For Crysis2

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
Here's mine so far. I set the global preset to ultra, then dialed a few things back which gave about a 20% performance gain.

I didn't like the highest AA setting, which has a sharpen filter and to me it looks way oversharpened, shimmers pretty bad. So I set that back one notch. I also toned down the shadow blur to 1.5 based on the recommendation of the utility author to gain some performance, and dialed dof back to intense.

For the check boxes I disabled water tesselation, as the water looks great even without, set object tesselation to reduced(haven't noticed a difference), and disabled ssdo, as ssao should be fine. Realtime and particle shadows aren't needed and hardly noticable, so I killed those.

This gives me a nice 38fps+, and with the excellent motion blur crysis has the game is really quite smooth above that range.

Nice, I just moved the slider to ultra and gave it a shot, I was surprised how well it ran to the default game. I'm gonna mess with the settings and dial it in and report back. It looks like a real PC game now
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