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Default Re: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium vs. Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D

well the only thing really new i can see has to do with voice chat and voice cancellation for idiots who refuses to use headset to reduce feedback from speakers when talking.

Other then that, its just marketing ploy, the x-fi also uses 4 sub processors and with a bit of marketing spin you'd say thats a quad core.

It has plenty of inputs and outputs and that's good. even an amplified headphone out. I don't know if the x-fi titanium have that. My fatality champion does not on the card it self but on the front bay that came with it.

Many of the "sound enhancements" are best left disabled imo as they do more to distort audio then to enhance it. And I expect the new sound card will be no different.

The x-fi sounds good and clean and got no audible noise which is very nice I think. The Asio support is also good. And I think it'll be the same on the new card.

I don't think you would go wrong if you decided to buy a titanium now tbh. But be careful, X-Fi cards have had problems with crackle and pops and distorted audio. It doesn't happen for everyone and no one seems to have found the cause. My card usually do this if I boot up from cold boot, but will be ok again after a reboot. I dunno if they ever fixed that on newer revisions of the x-fi.
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