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Default Re: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 FAQs released

I ve never played any cod or battlefield game online. I ve played through the single player of COD2,4,6,7 (on the xbox) and I enjoyed them all. Overall I d say that 7 was the best single player experience and that the graphics did improve with each release. I paid full price for Modern Warfare and got the rest either on sale or as a gift.

The only single player battlefield game I ve played was Bad company 2. The graphics were better but the gameplay was not as fun and there were some strange quirks to the world. (like totally empty shacks and the same interior to every house....) The final levels were a joke. At one point I just waltzed through a 10 minute warehouse with a giant rifle where I killed everything in a single shot. (Lol at the plane "ending")

So I m leaning to the COD single player experience. Yet I might be a "part of the problem" pc gamer but nothing in the battlefield single player trailer sparks an interest. Ho hum, tired and trite. Yah another interrogation flashback story!!! Who is dez real terroristsz?

I m probably going to be checking out whats new with soap and price.
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