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Default Re: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 FAQs released

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Same thing could be said about BF3. I played the beta and it's just BC2 wrapped in with new maps. I see no difference between the two, therefore I'm not purchasing BF3 for a long time. SP looks interesting but it's not worth buying on day one. MW1 and MW2 were amazing games, especially the MP. It's fast and fun action that most everyone loves.

I'll keep my opinion on "lean" out of here, but let's just say that people complaining about the lack of makes me LOL.
I lol'd hard Let me get this right...Your not getting bf3 for a while cause it looks like bfbc2...ok if you say so, but then to turn round and say your getting mw3 even though it's identical to its predecessor in both visuals and gameplay...Something not adding up there lol

And yeah the gameplay in mw2 mp is soo good...really ? It is if you like playing amongst hackers.. Lack of lean on a PC CoD is a biggie to those that understand how it is used and also the excuse the devs made behind that decision makes my skin crawl....Enjoy your sure i will enjoy mine...

Mindelss run and gun with dated visuals V superb tactical gameplay with state of the art visuals....only 1 winner here.

Pointless to compare the both tbh, BF3 is in a different league...Lets see how MW3 compares to MW2, ahh it doesn't its exactly the same ****....Hell id even say blops is a better effort at a reformed CoD than what MW3 is...
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