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Default Re: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 FAQs released

I see where your coming from, i am cod veteran myself but i have to say of all the PC CoD's i would put MW2 as the worst...It had potential but the lack of support for the PC version was the final straw. I had high hopes for MW3 because of the promises made but tbh it is sugar coated...

If you enjoyed past MW SP modes there is no doubt in my mind you will enjoy MW3, however speaking primarily of 'public' MP i dont see enough of a change from seems that everything that made MW2 cack for PC has returned in MW3. IMO CoD4 PC will never be beaten by any other cod in terms of MP gameplay both public and competitive...

I will be keeping an eye out on how MW3 pans out for competitive play but with the locked cvars that allowed us to make cod4 so silky smooth with almost perfect bullet registration i can't see it taking off like CoD1, CoD2 or CoD4.

Edit: Actualy imo W@W was the worst cod for me, even with the consolitis of MW2 the gameplay was better than W@W.
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