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Default Re: Questions regarding pc speakers/house speakers

Ick...don't do this, not only will it sound like crap but you'll probably fry some wires, or worse, damage your receiver.

PC speakers are meant for line level audio - highly susceptible to crosstalk and other interference if not shielded - which they aren't. This is one reason I hate PC speakers and haven't used them for over a decade.

But anyways, line level audio implies that there isn't going to be much power to it. Your typical receiver on the other hand will be pumping out upwards of 50-100 watts per channel, depending on the receiver and on the volume. I wouldn't plug any wire thinner than 20 gauge into that, and I think your typical pc speaker is somewhere around 22-24 gauge.

Besides, PC speaker wiring won't work. PC speakers use the same wiring as headphones: one ground wire per two channels. Real speakers use one ground wire per channel.
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