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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Only worth watching if you want to see how NOT to compare CPUs.

We all know "CPUs" perform pretty similar when benching shooters at 1080P with AA/AF. That's because the GPU is the limiting factor.

CPUs are tested at lower settings to test the CPU.

Now you can use higher settings if you use multiple high end GPUs and you want to illustrate which CPUs provide better scaling, like they did at AlienBabelTech and proved the Beefdozer couldn't push Crossfire as well as an i7 or Phenom II.

All that video shows is that Linus doesn't understand benchmarking. This is like saying "A GTX560Ti is a much better deal than a GTX580 because they both perform the same at 640X480 0X0X!".
He is more interested real world applications and what most people will be playing their games on..

I am sure he will do some xfire/sli results as well. He makes a valid point about costs.

Hmm i am not sure when he said that comment about the 560Ti is better deal than 580 at 640x480 res...doesn't sound like something he would say...

then again...your a class A Troll....
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