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Default Re: Motherboard Suggestions...

Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
I went with the MSI as after replacing faulty board, after board, after board I refuse to buy Gigabyte ever again.

After my EVGA 1366 Motherboard took out my processor and GTX570 I'm never buying another one of those either.

I also stopped down at my buddy's shop and when I mentioned Asus Z68 he showed me the 30+ plus boards waiting to be picked up for RMA and that turned me off from getting Asus.

If the MSI fails... I'll try an ASRock.

IMO... it's really frustrating these days buying a motherboard as I don't really trust any of the companies anymore to deliver a good product for under $400
Yeah I hear ya, I had the same deal with Asus and Abit, been running gigabyte for my last few, they haven't disappointed me yet.
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