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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
So you think there will be a move by developers away from the chips 80% of people are currently buying to capture the Beefdozer owner market and exploit the power of the Beefdozer?

Why would anyone do that?

The Beefdozer isn't likely to be a big seller given the reviews, buzz and popularity/performance of SB products. If you were a developer would you spend your time and risk your company optimising for the Beefdozer?

Joe Microsoft: "We at MS welcome the Beefdozer! Office 2012 has been designed with Beefdozer core design in mind, those lucky few who ignored the reviews will see much greater performance!"

Gabe Newell: "I have been waiting for an eight pipeline core with shared caches! Now I can finally begin Half Life 3!"

The installed user base of Phenoms, Core 2 quads, i5s and i7s is HUGE. How many apps make use of 3-4 cores? If devs won't optimise for a ginormous existing user base, why would they optimise for the Beefdozer? I'm thinking for the useful life of this product, the apps tuned for it will be few and far between. (if any)
Nobody optimised for Quad-core CPUs 5 years ago so meh, it takes time and stop being an idiot and saying "Beefdozer".
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