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Default Re: Why Are PC Versions of Games Delayed? that can try and polish a turd.

I'm happy to see companies like ID eff up... and take heat for it... makes them look like idiots. Then when Carmack realized they screwed up and admits all the untapped power the PC has over the console after 6 years in development made the consoles gamers rage! they can't stand to hear their system sucks and is less powerful. I love all the rage over the BF3 slides saying BF3 on the console is equal to the lowest settings on the PC. RAGE NERDS RAGE!!!!!

lmao. I guess 30 fps and 704P would make any monkey rage though

Oh yea and about piracy... the 360 and PS3 versions of BF3 are out and I know people that are playing them already. ..early enough to cancel a pre-order so don't preach to me about the morals of the console gamer.. they pirate, they cancel preorders, they hurt devs just as much as PC piracy does.
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