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Default FX 5600... big problems


I really am getting desperate here... I posted this on several forums and no one has a clue
I'm getting poor performance with this card... glxgears comes up with 4400 FPS but UT 2003 demo gives me only 20-30 average FPS on everything on LOW... so that's not normal... in Enemy Territory my FPS jumps from 20-90(everything on high 1024x768 resolution)... altho it doesn't quite run bad, I'm guessing that I should have at least an average of 50-60...
and beside all this, my computer freezes with certain applications sometimes... If I run Unreal Tournament
it freezes quite often during the loading (not the actual game, just when it loads maps and so on) and I always have to do a hard reboot.. It also stalls when loading a page in mozilla sometimes... my mouse still moves(but clicking with keys does nothing) and I can still hear sound if I have xmms enabled.. but I have to do a hard reboot anyway... the controls don't respond and so on...

ok so here are my specifications:
I'm running gentoo linux with 2.4.23 kernel, athlon thunderbird on 1066 Mhz(originally 900), an abit kt7a motherboard, inno geforce FX 5600 turbo 128 ddr 8x AGP dvi/tvout
I'm using Nvidia 1.0.4349 (yes I have tried 4469 and 4363 but I get 400 more FPS in glxgears with this one) I use nvidia's agp drivers, forcing 4x apg and using fast writing

If I forgot some vital info that you need please let me know... I hope someone here knows what could be the problem...

10x for all your help...
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