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I always enjoy hooking up with slaWter for some practice fun. I try to be on my best behavior because I know if I don't, it will end up here in a screenshot lol.

I agree with you about my setup, I just haven't got used to running on the edge yet. I did try some of the other forum sets, but I couldn't put 10 laps together without wrecking. I'll keep working on it though. Hopefully this next season I will gain the experience I need to run up front with the leaders. I have had a taste of running up front a few times on the bigger ovals. Now I need to get up there on the shorter ovals also. I like to have complete control of the car at all times, because I don't want to put myself out of a race by collecting a wall. I spent alot of money on this paint job and don't want to scratch it lol.

I am glad to see cream is still with us in iRacing. Please send me your iRacing name so I can put you into my friends. Would like to do some practice laps with you ...screenshot op hehe.
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