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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
If I'm a "class A troll" this forum should hope more like me post here. You posted a meaningless and misleading (for gamers) review of Beefdozer, I pointed out why it's meaningless and misleading and then backed my argument with a link to an independent website corroborating my position.

Why would I give the Bulldozer the respect of calling it by it's proper name when it insults me and everyone else by costing more than it's predecessor and performing worse?
Just because somebody makes knowledgeable posts and insists on pressing a point doesn't mean they can't exibit troll like behaviour. I'm surprised you keep coming back to this thread to repeat all the same stuff again and again. I looked in here and thought "Wow, Rollo is still going on about his displeasure with beefdozer". Being emotionally wrapped around something like a cpu chip to such a negative degree can't be all that healthy. The fact you've been insulted by a cpu says a lot. My advice is don't take it personally. I know the cpu doesn't.
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