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Default Re: slow animations using nvidia prop. driver in KDE 4.7,GNOME 3.2

Originally Posted by PranavG189 View Post
did you see the video? The problem is only with animations either it be kde or gnome.I'm running Xorg server 1.11.1-2. And I don't know much about powermizer. and how to change it's settings. Here are my settings of Powermizer as shown by nvidia-settings:
Adaptive Clocking:enabled
Performance level:0
Performance Mode:Maximum Performance.
I had even more miserable performance with 1.11.1 on Debian.

Have you tested it against the new Beta? The reason I ask is it claims to address the Xorg 1.11.1 release issues.

My performance went from smooth to crap back to smooth from starting at 1.10.4 -> 1.11.1 ->1.10.4.

Nvidia claims to have fixed it, but I've yet to see Andreas and the Deb package team get those new beta debs out for testing.
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