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Default Modern Warfare 3 Benefiting From Battlefield 3 Origin Deal

One business decision that might come back to bite Battlefield 3 this year is the decision to forgo using Valve's Steam distribution channel for their upcoming release. While Battlefield 3 is still a week away from release, the competition (Modern Warfare 3) is steadily topping the list of best selling games.

Since September, Modern Warfare 3 has been in the top ten best selling games on Steam according to Valve. Over the past few years, the Call of Duty franchise has proved to be an experience that is developed for consoles and ported to PC, but Infinity Ward has suggested that they are focused on recapturing their PC audience. A bungled Call of Duty: Black Ops release on PC left many Steam users unable to play the game without tinkering with console commands, and the still it took Treyarch many months to get the game working properly. These problems don't seem to be slowing down pre-orders of the game however. While all of this popularity can't be soley attributed to the lack of availabilty of Battlefield 3, it's certainly leaving Steam loyalists with limited options.
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