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Originally posted by Lord_Spector
yes I know my cpu is slow but still... I think it should at least be a little bit better
as for my fx 5600.. yes it is ultra.. the turbo(ultra) version has got a downgraded gpu and ram I think.. everything else is the same.. but I intend to fix this as soon as possible with a little overclocking...

What about my system freezing... any clue ?
no clue on your freezing, although I'm anxious to blame yoru VIA chipset but I know I'll get attacked for that by VIA fanboys . Other possibilities include hardware conflicts or maybe a bad memory module. Also what kind of memory are you using and what speed?

As for UT2k3, no I assure you those results are to be expected with that CPU. And I'm glad to hear you have a FX5600 Ultra, that's a good thing, but with that CPU you're not doing it any justice. Trust me, if you want better performance then you need to upgrade the CPU. If you wanna stop the freezing, I would either blame the motherboard or faulty memory. Try one stick at a time and see if it stops freezing.
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