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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

I'm on my second play through. I have 30 hours on this. Two really good things about this game:

1. The animations and fluid reactions of the enemies. No other game has done this so well.

2. I like buying ammo. You can buy ammo for the guns you want to use instead of being forced to use whatever the enemy AI drops after you shoot them. You can buy 50 grenades if you want.

In this second play through on Nightmare I'm trying out more things like turrets, sentries and my favorite dynamite arrows.

On a negative note, the giant mutant was an awesome boss and so were the mini bosses leading up to him. You expected more but never got it. Even in the end you expected a big battle. It feels a little rushed and unfinished.

I like it a lot but it could have been great.
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