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Default Re: GPU at $BUSID$ has fallen of the bus

I am having the same problem running x86_84 Fedora 15 & Fedora 16. I have Dell Precision 6500, laptop, with Quadro FX 2800M. Using Gnome 3 with additional monitor connected to the display_port I immediately get a kernel panic with the following lines in the /var/log/messages:
Oct 24 14:23:36 kernel: [ 1833.815841] dell_wmi: Received unknown WMI event (0x11)
Oct 24 14:23:36 kernel: [ 1833.874781] NVRM: GPU at 0000:01:00.0 has fallen off the bus.

This bug also happens with no external monitor however it takes a bit more time.

The driver I am using is 285.05.09

Thanks in advance,
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