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Default Re: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 FAQs released

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Promod for cod4 uses perks of course it does... Bandolier and stopping power, you dont get to select them though....Black ops and competitive play shouldn't really be in the same sentence. But for those that do like to play clan wars on BLOPS XKmod is the only way to go, if only it had been released close to launch...hmmmm

You see the pattern...Stock CoD games fail at esports - add a competition mod and it starts to be played at all major LAN's. BLOPS was just too late with the mod tools.
I thought you were referring to Black Ops prior to mod tools launch. I know Promod has some perks enabled (xkMod does too) by default. Actually Promod was a little more lenient than xkMod as it gave a few options.

I mean some people hated Black Ops prior to xkMod but it wasn't that bad. Hell, there are a lot of people who hate xkMod, too, probably because it doesn't have the "Promod" name. And prior to mod tools there were still 100's of teams playing competitively in Black Ops, so it couldn't have been that big of a deal. Although that's died off lately due to poor registration for barebones leagues, lack of mod support (xkMod writer abandoned it) and BF3 and MW3 dropping soon. Although there are still a few HC leagues with a lot of teams signed up.

MW3 will be the same way without mod tools. It will be barebones with restrictions on certain weapons. I know "pro" PC players like to think they're an important factor in a game's direction, but the truth is, they're (or should I say we're) the extreme minority, and often the last people considered when a game is being developed. MW3 is an excellent example of that. It's like they took MW2 and slapped on "dedicated servers" (aka private unranked servers that serve no purpose besides competitive play) after the fact, then claim the game is geared towards competitive PC play.

Honestly we should abandon all hope that new games will be geared towards the competitive play that we've grown accustomed to in the past. Long gone are the days of Shrub, banimod, OSP, Promod, PAM, and the likes. Games have gone the way of Apple; we have to play the game the way they designed it.
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