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Default Re: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 FAQs released

Never a truer word spoken Vin, have you seen CS:GO ? Its a damn joke...

As always it is upto the communities to cater for esports, this is why mod tools is always in the top 5 questions to a dev in regards to a new FPS game.

Current activity in Europes Clanbase league..

CoD2 SD ladder = 3925 active clans

CoD4 SD ladder = 1932 active clans

CoD:BO ladder = 12 active clans

MW2 SD ladder has been removed due to no activity but the 2v2/3v3 ladder has 2 active clans

MoHAA objective realism ladder = 209 active clans

CSS Team match = 87 active clans

Call of Duty 2 is the most active ladder with CoD4 coming 2nd with half as much activity...Even MoHAA after 10 years is still kicking it with over 200 active clans...The question is why? Well simply because MoHAA, CoD2 and CoD4 have never been beaten by any other game in the same genre when it comes to esports, players see no reason to move on if there is nothing worth moving onto and this is why they are now a minority, as rather than stick with a game they just move on from playing competitively altogether (i played mohaa competitively for 4 years, CoD2 for 12 months and CoD4 for 2 years).
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