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Default 290.03 / KDE-4.7.2: decoration artefacts

After the upgrade of the nvidia-drivers to the version 290.03, I see a lot of artefacts under KDE-4.7.2, mostly on the windows decoration. It appears only if 'Open GL2 shaders' option is enabled in 'System settings'. They look as like as some off-screen info is copied onto the window frame, sometimes it is a part of lines from the konsole output from another virtual desktop e.t.c. If I have more applications running at the same desktop, then every de/activatation of any window means, it becomes corrupted at the border.
These artefacts were not present with nvidia-drivers-285.05.09.
HW: GF210/C2D E8400, 8GB RAM, x86_64
SW: xorg-server-1.11.1-r1/gcc-4.6.1-r1/glibc-2.13-r4/KDE-4.7.2/KWin (Gentoo)
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