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Default Re: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 FAQs released

Originally Posted by FlakMagnet View Post
I always like LAN support because it means me and a bunch of friends can get together and play for fun while drinking a few beers. It's a social event too. We currently play CoD:BO because BFBC2 doesn't support LAN. Unfortunately, BF3 will not support LAN either, so we are currently stuck with BO. We've done the other CoDs to death and are looking for something new, so for us, MW3 could be just the thing. We don't play MW2 because some of us (including me) boycotted it because of no dedicated servers.

I don't think LAN support is for competitive play only. It's for guys who like to have fun too
Yea and even the LAN scene has changed over the past few years. Devs no longer release server tools with their game, since it's more profitable to sell exclusivity for game servers rather than make it available for anyone. It also allows the dev to control what updates people use and block pirates (ahh the good old piracy excuse). It used to be great to fire up your own local server and play with friends on a completely lag-free LAN, but those days are gone too.

I guess P2P helps a little with that since it is essentially the same (although still not a local dedicated server), but it's just another example of how PC gaming that we knew and loved from its inception until 2007 has become a victim of the Apple product model.
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