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Default Re: Which will you buy and play ? PC only poll

Was going to get both but the recent announcements regarding dedicated servers, lack of elite and a few other things means MW3 is off my list. I saw MW2 as a bit of an experiment, I don't blame them for it. Hell it was pretty good but in the end the host migrations, host advantage, lobby system was why I stopped playing (oh and scavenge / nub toob). Fool me once, shame on you.

I think the most important thing here is that the next 3 weeks are busy for releases, BF3, UC3 and Skyrim. If there was nothing else I wonder if I would pick MW3 up anyway. I'm sure 3/4 or more of PC gamers will still get it. I'm sure they will live just fine without my sale, just as I will do fine without their game. Maybe Treyarch's next CoD will have PC features and won't be a stuttery mess.
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