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Default Re: MaLDoHD's High resolution Texture Pack For Crysis2

I'm undecided about this mod. Not only is it missing textures, but even when setting the global slider to ultra it appears to leave certain things at extreme. It also appears to change some of the scenery models.

Here's two images to compare. Just open both and flip back and forth. The first is standard Crysis 2 with ultra set in game. The second is using the mod with ultra set by the global config slider.

Other than the blank textures the modded one is missing many of the small rocks at the bottom center, doesn't have tesselation on the bricks outside the window in the upper left, doesn't have shading on the distant bridge pillars, and is using a different model for the wall around the grass.

I tested standard Crysis 2 with extreme, and the number of rocks seen in the modded one using ultra is consistent with the extreme setting.

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