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Default Re: Which will you buy and play ? PC only poll

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post

MW3 is on pre-order since day one. I'll get BF3 once it's available on Steam.
I'll get both because of their SPs. Don't care about MP shooters anymore.
See I'm glad I'm not alone on this. Everyone seems to be forgiving BF3's shoddy (from the reviews I've read) single player campaign and just overlooking it which makes them less legit IMO when they still give it a cracking score.

All of the COD games have had extremely fun and entertaining SP campaigns. They're chock full of memorable set pieces and well varied missions/locales that keep it fun. Sure it's linear and scripted but it's also tons of fun and that's ultimately what I care about. I have no doubt that MW3 will crush BF3's single player.
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