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Default Re: Which will you buy and play ? PC only poll

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Nobody around here really cares about the fun factor in games anymore TBH, it's mostly about graphics and performance. Take a look at the BF3 thread. Nobody has really said much about SP. I'm sure most PC gamers are just buying this for MP only.
Most people like the interaction of playing a game with other people. That's why most people review/comment on co-op single player and multiplayer aspects of games. I feel the same way. I rarely have the motivation to play a campaign through any more by myself. I'd rather play with friends instead of being the anti-social guy in the dark room playing a game by myself.

I did enjoy COD4 and MW2 campaigns though (not so much Black Ops, I was kind of bored tbh), so MW3 campaign should be good.
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