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Default is anyone using glibc "2.3.3" and the nvidia drivers OK?

Hi all,

Can someone out there confirm if they're using a (very) recent glibc (source dated november 2003 or later, so the version should be something like "2.3.3" or higher), as well as an nvidia driver, and that openGL works 100%? (you need to try something that uses textures, perhaps a game or whatever else you have, not just 'glxgears')

If it does work, can you please tell me/post with:

-version of glibc
-version of nvidia driver you're using
-your platform (x86, ia64, amd64)

I've run into what appears to be a bug in the nvidia driver (i'm using 44.31 on ia64), but it's only exposed on newer linux systems - most "stable" distros have old enough code that the driver works perfectly.

thanks in advance...
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