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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Though simple I really liked the game, and in its own way I thought it was a very visually stunning game. The unique texturing thing, despite the drawback in compression and lack of dynamic lighting, made for some interesting set pieces. No issues playing on my 570GTX.

Anyway has anyone else noticed that after playing this game going on to play other games (BF3 in my case) the textures in other games feel kinda flat? Not that the other games look bad, but I feel like the unique texturing of id Tech 5 is more realistic and at some subconscious level my brain finds it more believable. Could be the raytracing quality of the lighting too. It looked fantastic especially in the games two towns.

I think the engine doesn't stand up well to nitpicking and screenshots as other games do, but when playing and moving around it was great.
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